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Hi there you’re here because you might be seeing a black screen in the player and there is no video. This happens because the player has the video from a third party site. If your IP listed inA� the Spam IP’s then you might not able to view the video at first. So here is the steps

Step 1:

Find The Server Name

Step 2:

Click on the server at here and you will be redirected to a new page solve the recaptcha . That’s It the problem solve.


Server 1/S 1


Other Server Will be available if Problem occurred.


1.Is this the website fault?

Ans: We would like to clarify that the website does not have any type problem with third party sites.A� If a video is deleted then the player will say the video is deleted.

2.A� WTH , How do we get rid of this problem?

Ans:This happens when your ip is in spam ip list. This happens due to shared net connection because the ISP provider provide us a IP that is already in use with multiple people, So the bots thinks that this IP might be a robot and Make the IP as a Spam, IT also happen when bot notices bad behavior form a certain IP. To make your IP white-listed Click HereA� When you reach there you will need your IP address search google my IP address.

Hope This Helps
If any support needed then Just Contact Us.



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